Anna Azerli Biography 

Anna Azerli was born in Wellington, New Zealand. After the death of her parents, she moved to Berlin, to be raised by her aunt. When she was 16, she moved to Milano, Italy, where she became a protege at the Accademia Teatro all Scala, for opera singing. 

Azerli’s career started when she went through one of the best training programs in the world. Her first live performance was at the famed opera house La Scala in Milan, in a production "La Forza del Destino" by Verdi. After that, Anna Azerli performed in opera houses all over Europe. She also worked with some of the most well-known performers in Europe, including singing a duet with Andrea Bocelli, the Italian opera singer. 

Soon opera houses began to close due to a global economic crisis. It was during this time that Anna Azerli started creating pop music in Europe, specifically in Rome. She tried several different styles of the genre until she was able to find her own style. Her progression through the genre can be easily traced, starting with the single, “Lindomani”, which became an instant hit in Italy and composed by the famous Marco Adami. Anna Azerli also worked with Rick Allison to create a pop-version of Tomaso Albinoni's composition, “Adagio.” 

After receiving offers from music producers in the United States, she moved to California to further her career. Anna Azerli’s first song recorded in the US was an experimental, lyrical pop song showcasing her 5-octave vocal range, accompanied by a music video. A second single, “Love for a Day” is the first English language project for Anna Azerli and has a more singer-songwriter feel. However, her overall genre could be classified as pop/dance. 

In 2020, Anna Azerli was preparing to have a permanent show in Las Vegas, however, it’s been postponed due to the recent coronavirus pandemic until the next year. In the meantime, she has started working on a reality show with an established Los Angeles-based production company which is in the beginning stages and she is not allowed to talk much about it. 

One of the most important things for Anna Azerli is the connection she makes with her audience. Intertwining her voice, emotions, and story together for the benefit of her audience. Anna’s favorite stories are love stories, full of raw emotion. It’s through these stories and live performances that continue to feed her inspiration. Anna Azerli’s classically-trained voice and natural curves allow her to stand out from other pop artists.